Established in 2000, Urban Architecture is composed of Urban Architecture Design Co., Ltd (UK), Shanghai UA Architectural Design Office (Grade A architectural design office), and Shanghai Zhengyi Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (Grade A architectural engineering qualification). It is a large-scale privately owned design institution and Shanghai green building design company whose per capital output value and comprehensive output value are all among the first ranks in the whole country. At present, it has over a thousand employees. Key designers have overseas professional study experience and rich work experience.

The company's businesses cover many fields including urban planning, urban design, architectural design, landscape design, interior design, and real estate consulting. It has great advantages in the design of urban complexes, business clusters, high-end office buildings, planning of residential areas, and high-end residential communities.  

Urban Architecture has long-established relations with many famous developers and has established a precise and unique "comprehensive design quality control system" in more than ten years of professional working.  With its attention to urban development, Urban Architecture is trying to create the works reflecting spiritual wealth in both public building field and residence development field.

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