Training System

  • Training to new comers

    Including corporate culture, system, design flow, drafting standard, and basic CAD skills.

  • UA drafting standards and depth

    Requirements to drafting standards and depth in each stage.

  • Key points in drawing examination

    Residence, planning, commercial property, office buildings, basements, kindergartens, schools, hotels, civil air defence, etc.

  • External wall materials and curtain wall design

    1. Residence Elevation and Common Materials Design
    2. Digital Elevation Materials Design

  • Key points in office building design

    Including core tube design of public works, super high-rises
    Tower Office Building Standard Storey Design

  • Key points in general conceptual design

    Residence, commercial property, office buildings, tourism real estate, complexes; general vertical design and integrated pipeline design basis.

    1. Drafting Standards and Codes for General Layout— Including Vertical Design and Integrated Pipeline Design.
    2. Design Highlights of General Layout for Residences- Including Residences and Quasi Residences.
    3. Design Highlights of General Layout for Office Buildings- Including Commercial Property, Office Buildings, and Hotels.


  • Residence design highlights

    Design highlights of different house styles (commercial houses, villas);
    Foundation course 1: House Style Design of High-rise Apartments
    Foundation course 2: House Style Design of Villas and Foreign-style Houses
    Foundation course 3: Residence Form Design
    Foundation course 4: Study of Planning Pattern
    Special study 1: Design of Main Entry to Model Building Area and Residence
    Special study 2: Design of Traffic Line in Residential Area
    Special study 3: Common Parts and Establishments Design
    Special study 4: Creation of Sense of Place


  • Design highlights of commercial property

    1. Commercial Design
    2. Street Mall

  • Design achievements show skills

    How to Design Satisfying Courseware for Display

  • Analysis of common issues in basement design

    The Basic Desgin of Underground Garage

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