Jiangsu Kunshan Changtai Dianhu Guanyuan Club

Project Details

Land area: 9000 ㎡   Building area:  5600 ㎡

Lying near Dianshan Lake in Kunshan, Changtai Dianhu Guanyuan Club has an idyllically beautiful natural eco environment and will become part of a five-star resort hotel in the future. Its architectural design emphasizes its harmony with the nature. The building seems like a person embracing Dianshan Lake and the nature with two arms. Inside it, there is lobby, catering area, exercise room, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and SPA; it has several courtyards. Axis lines extend everywhere inside; the courtyard space progresses layer by layer. We use bold culture stones, pristine coatings and humane timbers to create a quietly brilliant Tuscany style building.

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