Dragon Valley Production Workshop of China National Academy of Painting

Project Details

Land area: 58175.21 ㎡   Building area: 10375.07 ㎡

The production workshop of China National Academy of Painting is located in class 5A national place of interest in Ji County, Tianjin. The production workshop is mainly for artistic creation and exhibition of artists in the academy of painting; it is composed of 11 buildings in all, including 4 national biggest underground painting studios extending a hundred m, 6 individual studios and 1 public creation institute. The whole building is designed with the style of China classical gardens with poetic beauty. The poetic style is reflected in four aspects: elevation—"wall", interior—"yard", color —"black, white and grey", details—"abstract". The academy of painting is perfectly integrated with the nature, incarnating the essence of ancient gardens.

During the design, symbols are not simply spliced to  reproduce the traditional housings; instead, it makes the space like a changeful vessel with both strong and rich traditional style, and becomes a place for living and work of modern artists.

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