Suzhou COP Dushu Lake Hong Palace

Project Details

HongPalace borrows the characteristics of Alhambra courtyard and outlines different sections with corridors, fences, screen walls and non architectural elements such as plants and sculptures, forming enclosed or open multi-layer space structures with different sizes like vestibules, main courtyards, backyard, and sinking yards.

The entrance leads to a lion-fountain yard. 12 lions hold one water pot together, from which spring water gurgles out. Water is efficiently used in the yard. Water flows out of the pot and drops to the ground and occupies almost half of the water basin in the yard, and then connects into a ring along the channel surrounding the yard, receiving the sunlight and rainwater flood from above.  

Learning from the use of light of Alhambra, Hong Palace has a special antechamber connecting the vestibule; passing through the dusky antechamber, suddenly, there is the glaring sunlight in the yard. The contrast between lightness and darkness brings the pleasure after astonishment. The control of light and shadows is also reflected by the treatment of grating above the vestibule or small garden. Sunlight spreads on the beige walls through the grating, generating slight shadow on one half and glistening sunlight on the other half; the rhythm of light and shadows changes instantly. The checkerboard-like decoration patterns, transverse decoration belts, engraved windows, curtain walls, and hanging decorations in Hong Palace all reflect the Moresque style. Many modern materials are used to explain the traditional artistic conception in Hong Palace. It gets rid of the extravagance and is filled with dignity and elegance.  

Hong Palacereproduces a place in memory of Alhambrathrough modern techniques. It reproduces the buildings with different cultural backgrounds in the modern life, creating a totally new space which adapts to the modern life and is filled with the exotic cultural characteristics. This is an exciting try in design. 

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