Shanghai Nanjing West Rd 1788 Plaza

Project Details

1788 International Plaza lies on Nanjing West Road in Jing'an District; it is north to Huidefeng Plaza, with Yuyuan Branch Road to its south and Paramount Hotel to its west, and is opposite to Jing'an Temple and Jiuguang Department Store across a street (Huashan Road). It enjoys a superior location and is an important commercial center on Nanjing West Road.

This design will change the commercial part of 1788 Plaza podiums to improve its commercial value and highlight its landmark status.

Design concept of tower buildings on 1788 Plaza: It will be designed like a natural landscape painting, with falls flying downward along the high wall like a white silk hanging down from the mountain into a crystal clear tank with a splash, lively and leisurely.

Connections in design: Waterfall—water (facade)—umbrella (awning)—raindrops (landscape); water drops from eaves to the umbrella, and then falls to the ground with a splash.  

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