Zhenjiang Greenland Central Plaza

Project Details

Land area: 20700m²   Gross building area: 144137 m²
Building area on the ground: 112257 m²   Building area underground: 31880 m²
Number of storeys: 38 storeys   Height of building: 169 m

This project lies on No. 1 plot in the north plaza, high speed rail station, Nanxu New Town, Zhenjiang. It is adjacent to the arterial road of Nanxu New Town Wuzhoushan Road in the north, Zhanqian North Road in the south, trunk road of Nanxu New Town Zaolin Road in the west, and north plaza in front of Zhenjiang high-speed railway station in the east. Around the plot, there are mature road facilities and convenient traffic.  

Generally, the diagonal line from the high-speed railway station in the southeast corner to the residential area in the northwest corner is taken as the main streamline, across which the two high-rise buildings are built on the cross. The region’s controlled height is defined through sunlight computing. On the north side, there will be a super high-rise office tower; on the south side, there will be a slab-type high-rise office building. The underground three storeys will mainly be used for catering to serve the surrounding communities.  

It is designed to be a high modern building as the highest landmark building in Zhenjiang. The special Zhenjiang features are added to its surface curtain wall system. Therefore, "the rhyme of water" concept of the landscape city is integrated with the modern and fashionable building with Zhenjiang characteristics.



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