Nanchang Greenland Talent Apartment Display Center

Project Details

Land area: 7,024㎡ Building area: 2,013.23㎡

Situated in eastern Nanchang City, Nanchang Greenland Talent Apartment Display Center is adjacent to enchanting AiXiHu Scenic Spot on the east, Chengdong Road on the south, Huojuwu Road on the north and Huichang Road on the west. It is located at the east side of No.1 land lot in Nanchang Rose City Project and the southwestern side of hotel land lot. With advantageous location and beautiful environment, it fully meets functional requirements for image display.

Rose City Project is defined by the theme “Love Culture” from which the name of “Rose City” is derived. Love is the eternal topic for human beings and is applied to the building of Display Center for interpreting a unique lasting appeal. Building is mainly designed to memorize building and the meaning of love amidst conflicts with passion, individuality and inclusiveness through combination of modern dimensionality and classical style, which is also the starting point for our design of this building.

The largest conflicting point of this building lies in combination of strong modern sense of overall mass and European feelings, with gradual approach from city’s distance to this building, building skin integrally made of titanium-zinc panel exhibits flowing light and color under the setting sun and is reflected in the surrounding city park. When approaching, people will fell as if they go to European town in their impression. Behind grassland with rose and small bridge below which running water flows is extensive transparent glass, enhanced by warm and radiant Europe type interior decoration, it seems that those under dome and beside fresco stay in millennial European church.

As one modern display center, Nanchang Rose City Talent Apartment Display Center will improve display landmark of existing land lot. In addition to highlighting its own unique special shape, it also represents cultural connotation of the whole land lot; as part of overall environment, it harmoniously coexists with the surrounding buildings while it is recognized by the general public, such recognizability highly fits in with the tradition of Nanchang City.

Functional space of Nanchang Rose City Talent Apartment Display Center is dispersed in five outwardly protruding masses which scatter within 180°, while the front side of each mass is extensive glass extending to floor, supplemented by pinnacle resulting from simplification of European style classical architecture, for perfectly presenting every corner of the whole building towards the city; the surrounding city park with wedding celebration as theme also unfolds along such massive building and incorporates the whole building into internal activity from every angle.

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